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“Georgia Enterprises for Products and Services is a specific type of purchasing program called a State Use Program. Established by the Georgia Legislature in 1993 through O.C.G.A. #50-5-135, its design is to expand employment opportunities of citizens with disabilities. The purpose of the program is to encourage and assist individuals with severe disabilities in achieving maximum personal independence through productive and gainful employment by assuring and expanding a constant market for their products and services.

The idea is simple: state and local government agencies purchase products and services they already need, at a fair price, from Georgia-based community organizations employing people with disabilities.

State Use revenues are used to provide on-the-job training, employment opportunities, and wages to disabled citizens so they can achieve maximum independence.
It is about turning disabilities into possibilities.” Georgia Enterprises for Products and Services

New Ventures is a supplier to Georgia Enterprises Products and Services (“GEPS”) which in turn, is a major supplier to the State of Georgia.

Businesses just like yours are customers of New Ventures, Inc. and enjoy the benefits of quality supplies and prompt industry services at competitive rates. Additionally, businesses who purchase their products through us are helping to create employment opportunities for Georgians with disabilities.