Founded in 1971, New Ventures, Inc. has been serving Troup County for 50 years! Initially serving as a sheltered workshop for the West Georgia area, we provided work programs and leisure activities for adults with developmental disabilities. In response to community needs, our programs expanded to include work evaluation, work adjustment, sheltered employment, and job placement.

Many years later, the job training program expanded again to serve individuals with other barriers to employment. Other barriers to employment may include, but are not limited to, homelessness, lack of education, lack of work experience, lack of transportation, criminal history, etc. The expansion in services led to the establishment of our mission,

“New Ventures, Inc. is a training company that teaches necessary skills for successful employment.”

New Ventures continues to grow with the community and evolve to meet its changing needs. Today, New Ventures serves each trainee based on his or her situation. We work with our trainees to set personal goals, create plans to achieve their goals, sharpen work skills, find an area of work that they are passionate about, and identify job placement opportunities that will help them reach success.

At New Ventures, we make sure each trainee has an equal opportunity and is trained with the same values and goals in mind.